Tuesday, September 16, 2008


i just had a good moment. i went and picked up hayden from school--early out--and took him to the sitter while i work one more hour. actually, i watched him walk from the school to sheryl's just to be sure he knew exactly what to do. it's only 2 blocks, but i feel better after watching him do it. he did great. and as he was walking, i was driving on the road beside him and he yells, "mom! can we get some kit kats after work?" he's so cute. when we made it to sheryl's i gave my babies a hug and q was sitting outside on a blankie, chewing. it was sooooo nice outside and my boys were fat and happy and having fun. they were both really excited to see me and q laughed and laughed when i picked him up. as i was leaving, hayden gave me a big hug and kissed and rubbed my belly. "brother", he said. i promptly yelled "sisser!" and we both smiled. i got in my car and rolled all the windows down and headed back to work. i turned the radio on and one of my very favorite songs was on..."snap yo fingers" by lil jon. (college days!) so i cranked it and baby sisser and i rocked out all the way to work, and i wasn't even late getting back. if charlie were here, it would have been perfect.

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