Tuesday, September 16, 2008


hallelujah, i'm feeling very pregnant today. i'm on my 3rd bologna sandwich in 30 minutes, i've eaten half a bag of cool ranch doritos...(no, no...not the snack-sized bag), and i dry heaved at the stoplight on the square on my way to work this morning. As if i wasn't hormonally-charged enough, the old guy behind me started honking when the light turned green and i still hadn't moved. all i've gotta say is thank the Lord that men aren't responsible for carrying the babies...the human race would be in danger of extinction. there's no way they'd be *just fine* with peeling a sleepy 7-year old out of bed while hauling around a drooling, biting, into-everything 6-month old and trying not to hurl as you're frying eggs and grading homework at the same time. or, on some mornings, frying homework and grading eggs.


momma read said...

Sounds like your having fun,,,(Girls just wanta have fun)

boy crazy said...

how can i crave something and gag when i think about it at the same time? it's frustrating! i have lost 10 lbs tho! ?? it'll come back. 10 times!