Thursday, October 30, 2008

are you kidding me?

These yummy little nuggets, my friends, (well, SHAWNA :)...) are DEEP FRIED PEPSI. You heard right. At the Indiana state fair, someone had a booth where they mixed up a dough using Pepsi instead of water. Then, just before cooking, they dip the little balls into a Pepsi-based funnel cake batter and throw them in the fryer oil. People say they have the consistency of a doughnut, but taste just like Pepsi. So... dough, Pepsi, and oil, topped with powdered sugar...? Ew.

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momma read said...

I saw this! The man selling it was raising money for some cause. Oh, yea, raise money for cancer awareness by selling a ball of death?! I told him "shame on you" I'm sure he thought I was crazy!
*which I am, but still***
*and they say that drink beer is bad for your health;-)
happy trick day, have a good treat!