Friday, October 10, 2008

If I Could Take.....

If I could take a minute out of each and every day.

To hold my child close to my heart and kiss her fears away.

If I could take a minute out of each and every week.

To play with blocks and peek-a-boo, tag or hide and seek.

If I could take a minute of any span of time.

I'd never waste a second of the pleasures that were mine.

If she could crawl upon my knee and lay her sleepy head,

upon my shoulder tenderly and dream of gingerbread.

I'd spend my time in total bliss and watch my small daughter grow,

from babyhood to childhood, knowing all there is to know.

If I could stop my aching heart and put my mind asleep,

If I could stop the flow of tears that are always on my cheek.

I only need a minute, Lord, I know she's safe with you.

But there's something real important that I had no time to do.

If you could do it for me, Lord here's a message she should know,

Tell her that I Love her, then I'll let her go.

Author: Debbie Szaroleta

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