Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a euphoric, faith-inspired, simplistic state of mind, Thank God

blessings, happiness, simplicity, non-materialism, the little things, hanging out, taking things for what they are, giving thanks to God, less is more, just being happy, choosing to be positive, choosing to be good, choosing to chill out, choosing to let go, learning, sharing, taking the opportunities that come along, living life for your God, your family, and yourself, finding out who you are, choosing what to believe, choosing every second to live by faith and by the commandments and by God's word, taking stock every second of what you have and cherishing it, pushing away the rain cloud, just being calm, getting rid of clutter and things you don't need...in your home, your heart, your mind, your life, walking away from people who aren't following God's path, whether it be in a simple conversation or in life in general, striving for every moment to "count"...we are making the memories and the HOME that our children will remember for the rest of their lives, it's time for mothers to shower their families with what they know best, appreciation for every single thing...every moment and every breath, every situation is an opportunity, show your children the world, don't be afraid of anything!!! tell the people around you exactly what you feel, before they are gone, never waste a chance to show love, appreciation, concern, the word of God. it is so amazing when you feel it! don't worry about anything. be who you are, emphatically! and find peace in knowing that your marriage isn't perfect...it bends and bows like a tree branch when the wind wails, but the more you nourish it on the sunny days, the better it will weather the storm.


momma read said...

I can feel the "sunshine on your soul" from here. thanks i was needing some sun! the little ones and i have colds-----nose and throat stuff! poor baby is not sleeping good- the med i gave him last night has red 40-and i don't know forsure but i think it had a bad effect on him, he woke at 1, and at 3, i had to make him go to sleep, not a good night!!!! later

boy crazy said...

yes, we are ALL sick, too. it started with quincy, then hayden, and after taking care of them all night long for a week, mama got it. then, after lovingly kissing on my husband, i gave it to him. so we're all hacking and snorting and groaning. ick! drink lotsa water and eat foods high in vitamin C and let it run its course. and sleep when you can!