Thursday, October 30, 2008

Outside My looks alot warmer than it is...I am NOT ready for winter!

I am thinking...Charlie's going to lose his job.
I am thankful for...pepsi.

From the kitchen...graham crackers now, stir fry tonight.
I am wearing...scrubs...didn't sleep well.

I am creating...a homemade wreath for my front door for Christmas.
I am apply at John Deere online for Charlie today.

I am reading...scripture online.

I am hoping...Charlie doesn't lose his job.

I am hearing...the cleaning ladies talking.
Around the house...warm blankets and good food.
One of my favorite things...the pictures of the boys and Charlie and I at the pumpkin patch.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: pay bills, set a budget, clean, rest....we've all been sick.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


momma read said...

I love the pic. I have been wanting to do these thoughts for the day, maybe today when babe takes nap,,,We haven't been feeling good either, and babe has been a real pill on the sleeping deal. I think I am not going to remember these days because of lack of sleep. Maybe I'm dreaming right now and none of this is real!!! If so some one should pinch me I want to wake up, this dream is wearing me out!!!! xoxxo

boy crazy said...

you know when guys get sick and they're all whiney and "oh poor me"? well...i had a fever of 102, a baby that wanted to play at 3am, a 7 year old who coughed all night, and i spent the entire night on the bathroom floor, huddled over the heat vent, using my sweats as a pillow and covering up with a towel. and here i am, still goin! (with the help of about 5 cups of hot tea and 3 layers of clothes.) without giving you too much info, i'll just say thank the Lord our toilet and bathtub are so close together.