Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm not as grumpy today. Thank God. I think it's because it's Friday and I'm only at work for 2 hours. And I'm GOING to buy a new pair of jeans after work. I tried on every pair and took pictures of myself with the timer on my camera and it was awful! I'm 29 years old and I am not going to dress like I'm 59! And even when I'm 59 I'm still going to try to dress modern and classy. After lots of consideration, research, thought and prayer, I have concluded that just because I'm home with my kids doesn't mean I have to dress down. And..... just because I wear jeans and cute tops and earrings doesn't mean I'm a bad mother. Or that I'm giving less to my children. Or that I'm promiscuous. Those ideas are just obsurd!!!! And JUDGEMENTAL!!!!!!!!! My path to God is stronger than ever, and I do believe that it will continue to grow within myself and my family as long as we put Him first in everything we do. It is not my aim to dress flashy, attract other men, show off my wealth (ha!) or my body, or present myself as better than anyone else. I can remain modest while dressing in what I LIKE and what I feel looks NICE and what my husband likes and what is fashionable. And I feel good about it.

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