Friday, November 28, 2008

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For Today...
Dear Lord,
I bring you my shortcomings... please help me, Lord, to be a Godly wife to my husband and accept him when it's toughest. Help me to understand, no matter what desicions he makes, that it is my place as his wife and Your child to encourage him, support him, show him, remind him of the right way. Please draw us closer when I feel like turning away from him. Please give me patience. Please give me the endurance and strength to hold our little family together and be the source of peace in troubled times. Please help me to make our home a place of comfort and refuge. Help me to find the joy in taking care of our place instead of grumbling about cleaning and all of the mess. Help me to take care of my own body so I can better take care of my family. Steer me away from those who enjoy drama and have unholy intentions. And Lord, help me quit drinking pop!
I bring you my worship and praise... oh, Lord thank you for my beautiful babies! Every single minute with them is Heaven. What have I done to deserve the honor of raising these beautiful bundles of joy and wonder?!!! I am so unworthy!
I bring you my prayer... for my husband. Lord, I know the path a Christian walks is not easy. You have a plan for each of us...please extend Your loving hand and guide my husband in the right direction so he may see the fulfillment and peace in taking care of his family. Your provision is his provision for our family. (thank you SR!) and what he provides allows me to give the very best to our children and our home. I feel this is where You want us to be at this time. big changes are ahead for our us keep our hearts toward You and keep our faith strong!!!!!!
You spoke to me... in drawing me home to my children. In giving me the strength to hold my husband and let him hold me when we were having a hard time. In my baby's snuggle this morning. In giving me Shawna. In the beautiful Christmas lights on the tree near Unionville...each little light on its own isn't too spectacular, but put them all together and they are magnificent. Such a metaphor for life!!!
Small things Lord...fresh new toofies, freckles on hayden's cheeks, good lasagna, my husband's warm breath, my mom laughing at my babies, my grandma carving the turkey, and my home, as meek and meager and plain as it is.

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momma read said...

Sarah, I love you, and have a special place for you and your family in my prayers. WE all need prayers, not just because we might be down, or feel all a mess, but because when we look to God and walk His path, Satin throws blocks up for us. Satin wants us to fall, and at best get angry at God.God knows our needs, wants and hurts. He will give us strength when we stay on His path. Soon satin will see that he has no place at your home and he will leave. Shoo him out. Pray out. Have your husband pray over your children and you. This will open up a way for God to work on him, through your love. God uses us ladies in special ways. I just pray for us to have the wisdom to let Him use us! my love to you~xo sr