Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ok, so I don't know why, but I keep feeling the need to get pretty. Maybe it's hormonal, but I really think that it's because I'm feeling better about myself. Here's the thing. It's a fine line between making yourself pretty and being materialistic. I don't think God expects us to not wear makeup or not buy things that look nice on us or not dress up when we're just "at home with the kids" (if I am wrong about this....BY ALL MEANS, TEACH ME). It makes me feel good to paint my nails and be able to have the jeans that make my backside look great and have a few things that are special and make me feel good. I know that feeling good comes from the LORD Himself, and it comes from the inside out. And I feel good on the inside, which is why I'm making an effort to LOOK GOOD on the outside. And just because you've made it to the point where you are comfortable in your own skin, does that mean you can't pretty yourself up? I guess what I'm asking is, does being a Christian woman mean I shouldn't wear flashy earrings or sexy things for my husband? Please tell me how you feel on this! I'm kinda lost...I know what I FEEL, which is: it's just fine to dress in what makes you feel good if that's your taste, as long as you abide by these few rules...1. it is not demeaning 2. you have the room in your budget and it doesn't take away from the family (if you buy yourself a donut and coffee, it takes away from the family if you want to get technical...) 3. remaining modest as a mother and a Christian 4. it doesn't become your source of happiness...a false happiness, and 5. you always focus on being a good person FIRST and FOREMOST. Please tell me what you think. I'm ignorant to what the bible says about this. I am anxiously awaiting approval from a fellow blogger to copy and paste a part of his blog on mine because it really helped me. Maybe soon. Until then, is it WRONG of me to want these things?...

Hair like this.

A body like this.

These jeans (built for a booty like mine).
and this wedding dress?

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Richard D said...

Hello, my friend. I think you're on the right track. I don't see anything in the Bible that instructs us to "dumb down" our looks. In fact, the bible describes women like Esther and Abraham's wife Sarah as being very attractive and even as having a good figure.

We are all instructed to take care to our inner selves - to be godly people - because this reflects on God, who created us. Somehow I don't think a slovenly, poorly dressed, poorly groomed person is a good reflection on God.

Our goal should not be similar to the world - in other words, we should not be dressing are excercising so as to seduce others, but dressing in an attractive (or even sexy) way is a good thing if our intentions are right. Only you can know what is in your heart when you work on your looks. As long as you keep your heart in submission to God, you're on the right track and He will be pleased.