Wednesday, November 19, 2008

well, life is short, we'll all be dead soon, so why be upset about anything? ALL that will matter in the end is how you lived for the Lord and kept your faith in Him through everything that comes your way. sure-- it's easy to have faith when there are no challenges! but what about when everything is wrong? what if your money suddenly dissappeared? what if your health took a downward spiral? can you avoid the anger and blame that comes with those circumstances? that's a little harder, isn't it. things happen! and bad things happen to good people. and sometimes those good people didn't cause those bad things. things just happen. not letting poor circumstances affect your faith and disposition... that is the true challenge, and therein lies peace.

(p.s.--this is not about charlie quitting his job...that IS his fault and I AM upset! but...please refer to the final line, above.)

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momma read said...

I know, it easy to put on a smile when the day was good. I think everyone has to remind themselves to not take out frustrations on others. It one thing for us to know that God wants us to be patient and acting that way with those around us is diff.
what would we need faith for, if everything went smooth? (or at least 1/2 of our lives went smooth) Why would we look to God for wisdom, or strength? God knows our strengths, and He know what our weaknesses are. Satin loves it when we give in and stumble, God holds His hand out to us for holding. He will wipe your tears and He will send info. and ways for things to get better. Just keep your eyes on Him, know that God never changes, and I keep you in my prayers. (keep me in yours, too.....I am forever needing strength to keep my heart soft,,,,,toward those I love most) thanks and know that I love you,,,,,xoxxo